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What's In A Name?

Updated: Jul 26

I get asked a lot how the heck I came up with the name "YBeU" for my life coaching practice?! And the answer is very simple: my focus is YOU. I am out to help answer the question WHY BE YOU? Well, I'll tell you why, friend. No one in the world can be a better you, right? No one else has your talents, your skills, your experience, your DNA. You were created for a reason, and your only job is show up as the best (notice I did not say the PERFECT) version of yourself and live your purpose. That's the one thing all of my YBeU clients have in common: they all want to feel purposeful, useful, valued. They all want to make a difference. I think that's what we all want. I was privileged to have a career in counterterrorism where every day I went to work knowing exactly why I showed up and why it mattered. But I know that some of you are still searching or even struggling to live your purpose. I also know that your purpose might look different over time and even seem to change a little, which can be scary. It had never occurred to me that being a life coach for women would be a natural second career, but here I am. The important thing to remember is that the core of YOU, who you are, your values, remain constant. And it's never too late to live your purpose.

I’d love to help! Click here for your complimentary “live my purpose” discovery call now!

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