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Some people think it’s pretty unusual to go from being an intelligence officer hunting terrorists, to becoming a life coach helping women like you ignite your passion, live your purpose, and make a difference.

But it all makes sense.

My teams were comprised of an inordinate number of female officers. They were drawn to the counter-terrorism mission and passionate about succeeding. I loved mentoring them to trust their gut and take
smart risks. To show up as the best version of themselves. To make a difference.

It was my dream job.

When I retired from government service, I knew I wanted to try something 180 degrees different. But I wanted to use my experience mentoring women and do something I was passionate about.


I reflected on my past and how I came to live my purpose. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, but it never occurred to me that I should not apply to the best universities and then to graduate school. I was blessed with a mother and two sisters who never stopped believing in me, even when they weren’t quite sure what the heck I was up to. I came from a blue collar, very small town, but I knew that I would find a way to see the world. There were times when I was plenty scared that I would fail, be rejected, or just be exposed as someone who did not belong. Those were the times I just kept on trying and learned it was OK to just “do it scared”.

I am so glad that I did keep on trying and learned to fail smarter each time I came up short. I took a chance and believed in my own self-worth even when my self-confidence was low. I never doubted that I was living my purpose. I think that’s all any of us truly wants: to feel purposeful and confident. So, I took the pandemic stay-at-home orders as my big chance to get certified as a life coach so I could keep coaching and mentoring women to make a difference.

And that’s how YBeU was born.  I wanted to help other women like you see that no matter where you are starting from, what stage of life you are in, or what challenges you are facing, the world just needs you to be your best, most authentic self to live your purpose and make a difference. You were created for a reason, after all. Helping you tap into that purposeful, confident, intrepid woman is where I come in. I help women like you ignite your passion, live your purpose, and make a difference.

Client Love

“No one would have understood the amount of pressure that women put on
themselves when they work in high stakes professions but Freda does. It’s because she lived in a world where the stakes were the highest.”

“Freda is an engaged and attentive listener. She helped me focus on my personal and professional goals and develop concrete actions steps toward those goals. Her questions were insightful and thought-provoking.”

“I wasn't sure what to expect with YBeU but felt a great flow to our conversation and felt that you listened well to me with no judgment.”

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