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The Main Thing

Updated: Jul 26

Want to know something that every single “highly effective” person I know has in common? They all remember to “keep the main thing, the main thing”. This deceptively simple rule was made famous in Stephen Covey’s iconic “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Focusing on what matters, when it matters, is essential to creating a life you love and living your purpose. Keeping your eye on the ball is not always as easy as it sounds, is it? The trick is not to let yourself get distracted by the small stuff. Or even the medium-sized stuff. Invest your time and energy to focus on what really, truly matters in that moment. Say for example, you are on your way to a big job interview. And you spill coffee on your shirt on the way. You could get so distracted trying to blot out the stain that you start imagining the worst: they’ll think you’re a slob and never make you an offer. Or, you could remember why you got the interview in the first place, which was probably NOT for your coffee-balancing skills, right? You can make a conscious decision to stay focused on the main thing: bringing your A-game to the interview, and even make a joke about your little mishap. So next time your mind starts going down a rabbit hole…and you find yourself getting distracted. Pause and remember the main thing. Is what you’re doing right now in service of the main thing, or is it a waste of your precious time and energy? If you’re having trouble focusing on YOUR main thing amid all of life’s distractions, I’ve got your back. Click here for your free “main thing” discovery call now!

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