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Q: What is personal coaching?
A: Coaching is a powerful place where coach and client meet to become thinking partners on how to achieve the client’s goal. Coaches listen, elicit your thoughts, make candid observations, and ask hard questions to help you tap into your own wisdom. You, the client, are in charge. You define the agenda for each session (what you want to work on) and what you want to achieve (maybe finding a solution, identifying the obstacle holding you back, or just seeing things from a new perspective.) Coaches can help you think about your present and future more clearly, empower you to achieve any goal in your sights, and even help you think bigger to imagine new possibilities.

Q: What happens in my complimentary discovery call and how do I know which package to book?
A: I offer complimentary discovery sessions for every new client, at no obligation, so that we can try each other on for size, and I can make sure I can deliver the results you deserve. We get to know each other a bit and discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve. You get all your questions answered, and I will recommend a way ahead on how we might work together and exactly what you can expect.